New Year • La Buca Ristorante di Stefano Bartolini

New Year


Amuse Bouche

Spider-Crabs tart

Bun, Amberjack liver and rosemary

Tempura Adriatic Prawn

Fondant Cod croquette


Dentex Tartare,
tonic water, artichokes and olives

Adriatic Prawns,
winter vegetables and bergamot

Potatoes foam,
Murici and Pilgrim Scallops

Celery dumplings
Red Shrimp and lime

Meagre meunière

Orange, Cocoa and Walnut ground,
smoked Cinnamon ice-ream

Petit four and Bon Bon

Menù is offered at € 130.00 per person, excluding drinks
Info: phone (+39) 0547 186 07 64 – mail:

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