La Buca, Seafood Restaurant in Cesenatico • Michelin starred since 2013
The Sea in its Essentiality

La Buca, Cesenatico

Here, the Adriatic Sea is expressed in all its strength and flavors, from raw preparations to the great classics of Romagna’s seafaring cuisine.

Here there is no protagonist, only the pleasure of tasting The Sea.

The local

The entire design and construction of the restaurant is the work of Andrea Bartolini, “family architect”.
Every aspect, from furnishings to tables and lights, have been designed to convey the idea of ​​craftsmanship and of the natural environment, where nothing has been left to chance. Gregorio Grippo, our chef since 1986, has remained leading the kitchen team with his constant desire and innovative cravings like the curiosity of a young boy.

The project of the Restaurant La Buca can be translated simply with the phrase “The Sea in its Essentiality”: soft lights, iron, rough metals, muffled sounds. Elements that together recreate the sensations of the fishermen entering the galley of a fishing boat. And even today, entering in, we leave behind the dock, the call of the gulls, the outside world and everyday life to enter a distant and unworldly place.

The light doesn’t reflect, but is more so absorbed, creating an almost opalescence effect.